Galicia is the most forgotten of the seven Celtic countries. Even so, she has the most pure and oldest Celtic tradition, going back more that 2000 years, without any medieval influence The stone and water crazy galicians only have equals in its Celtic brothers of Eire and Breizh. The similarities of tradition and costumes, between galicians, Irish and Bretons and their philosophy of life is what characterized the Galician people. These Celtic people, have nothing to do with the Spanish way of life, which galicians are not part.

Galiza is a country in the actual Spanish State with very dependent rule to the central government. Galiza was the first, the oldest independent kingdom of Europe. Its beginnings can be placed in the Old Kingdom of Galicia created by the Germanic people of the suave that in 409 AD came to the them roman province of Galleacia, ( were the romans had convinced them to come , believing they will left quit the rest of the empire that they use to put to sack ). In two years they put out all that was left from the roman empire : people, administration, … and they unified the different Celtic tribes -the Galizian Trebas- to form the first kingdom of Europe, under Hermerico, making the beginning of the fall of the roman empire. Only in 410 the germanic tribes take Roma.

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